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Sheet Metal Design Services

We support sheet metal design engineers, fabricators and manufacturing firms to bring down engineering lead times and bring their sheet metal products to market faster.

At CAD Outsourcing Services, we have developed extensive experience in delivering sheet metal design services for building products, security systems, building hardware, electrical components and thermal protection products.

Our expertise in SOLIDWORKS for sheet metal design enables us to deliver accurate fabrication drawings, flat patterns and 3D sheet metal models for clear design communication between stakeholders and reduce errors and ECOs (Engineering Changer Orders). Further, we also provide virtual testing for sheet metal products to evaluate stress, deformation and formability prior to actual fabrication and metal forming processes.

Our sheet metal design services include:

Our team of sheet metal design experts has combined experience of working on technology tools as well at shop floor, to precisely address the challenges and design requirements of our clients. Additionally, we have transformed our facility into a centre of excellence for design automation and CAD customization projects.

Expertise in following sheet metal design services:

We have successfully implemented design automation for engineer-to-order sheet metal products like doors and windows, cabinets and furniture products using configurators like DriveWorks, Autodesk Configurator 360 and custom programmed tools.

Explore our Projects:

Sheet Metal Bunded Container
Sheet Metal Bunded Container
Sheet Metal Truck Chassis
Sheet Metal Truck Chassis

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