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Gujarat, INDIA

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Reverse engineering because we understand that even great designs wear out and need remanufacturing.

We help fabricators and OEMs to continue their legacy of fabricating those great designs of automotive, process industry equipment or for those matters any other industrial component or machinery. Our CAD drafters take 3D laser scanned as inputs and develop 3D CAD models which are further useful for downstream design development processes.

We simplify your design needs using SolidWorks and AutoCAD by recreating the models with thorough deviation analysis, and other virtual simulation analyses for design modification if any.

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Density Contrl Plant - Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering - Model of a Density Separator
Reverse Engieering of an Automotive Part
Recycling Plant model
Reverse Engineering of a Scrubber

Service at a glance

From castings, stamping and weldment of the assembly to individual metal component, we deliver reverse engineering design solutions and converting them into documented shop floor drawings.

Primarily our reverse engineering services include:

  • Create a CAD model from and old design or part
  • Convert 3D scanned point cloud data to SolidWorks 3D CAD model
  • 3d reverse modeling of automotive surfaces & body panels
  • Reconstruction from 3D scanning data, probing, 2D drawings, sketches, etc.
  • Parametric 3D modeling in generic and native formats
  • Vehicle tear-down and surface reconstruction
  • Tool development or optimizing the manufacturing process
  • Virtual manufacturing, simulating the assembly process
  • Developing design information for components & devices with obsolete design data
  • Performing product analysis and identify potential patent infringement

Industry Verticals

Our state-of-art technology for CMM and 3D laser scanning, we assist fabricators in several industrial verticals that include:

Troubleshoot the problems of ageing components with new ones by partnering with a reverse engineering design service proveder who has a successful track record for more than a decade.

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Case Study

Reverse Engineering of a Recycling Plant for a Production Plant

To reverse engineer complete recycling plant and document the information to manipulate further.

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