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Building Energy Modeling Services

We assist building owners and designers to build energy efficient and sustainable buildings with our comprehensive range of building energy modeling services. Our energy modeling capabilities help you address important energy efficient building design aspects like energy consumption, ventilation, heating, cooling, water usage, waste management etc.

We use software like eQuest, Revit, Autodesk Ecotect, EnergyPlus, Relux, and DIALux to fulfill the most complex energy modeling demands and encourage you to validate conceptual designs for sustainability and gain early benefits with improved productivity.

We understand architecture standards for sustainable building design followed across the world, such as LEED (USA), BREEAM (Europe), QSAS (Qatar), ESTIDAMA (UAE), and Green Star (Australia) to help our clients to build energy efficient sustainable buildings.

Our engineers utilize advanced whole building simulation tools to provide whole-building energy analysis for detailed design process, efficiency optimization for green building certification requirements, support for LEED and ASHRAE certification and energy star analysis, HVAC design optimization for optimized human comfort conditions.

Our Building Energy Modeling Services include:

  • eQuest Modeling and Analysis
  • HVAC system analysis and lighting solutions
  • Microclimate simulation and analysis
  • Daylight analysis
  • Fenestration analysis
  • Using CFD for energy flow simulations and analysis
  • Wind tunnel effect studies and wind movement analysis
  • LEED energy modeling
  • Building acoustics analysis
  • Whole building energy simulations - Internal and external
  • Wall and roof assembly optimization

Energy Model View Energy Model View Energy Model View Energy Model View

Our team of energy analysts and simulation specialists supported construction teams of various sectors like airports, hotels & resorts, hospital building, residential & commercial property, institutional buildings, rail, bridges & dam, tunnel and ports for sustainable designs and energy analysis in a cost effective way.

Software We Use: eQuest, Revit, Autodesk Ecotect, EnergyPlus, Relux, and DIALux