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Building Energy Modeling Services

CAD Outsourcing Services offers Building Energy Modeling and analysis for residential buildings, commercial complexes, multistoried buildings, palatial bungalows and many more. Our company delivers superior quality services and focuses on fulfilling client requirements.

Equipped with the latest technologies, software, infrastructural facilities and an expert team, we extend energy efficient building plans.

Software we use: eQuest, Autodesk Ecotect & Revit, EnergyPlus, Relux & DiaLux

Building Energy Modeling Services We offer::

  • eQuest Modeling and Analysis
  • HVAC system analysis and lighting solutions
  • Microclimate simulation and analysis
  • Daylight analysis
  • Fenestration analysis
  • Using CFD for energy flow simulations and analysis
  • Wind tunnel effect studies and wind movement analysis
  • LEED energy modeling
  • Building acoustics analysis
  • Whole building energy simulations - Internal and external
  • Wall and roof assembly optimization
Energy Model View Energy Model View Energy Model View Energy Model View

Integrate energy modeling during the initial stages of a building design, it helps introducing optimized energy efficiency. However, we also take up energy modeling projects for existing buildings and retrofits putting in our best efforts to deliver suitable energy modeling solutions.

At CAD Outsourcing Services, we offer accurate 3D representation of buildings to calculate annual energy consumption including individual segments (HVAC, lighting, etc). Our team delivers well defined energy simulation models that can be used for energy audit and LEED certifications.

We can help you:

  • Find the most Energy efficient design for your building
  • Provide input to contractors and architects on design Lighting, HVAC and Energy usage
  • Comply with Local energy codes in early design stage
  • Find potential energy savings over ASHRAE codes for LEED certification

Contact us for your building energy modeling projects.