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3D Modeling Services for Product Design

At CAD Outsourcing services, our modelers develop detailed and high precision 3D models that can be used for simulations, analysis and for visualizations.

We serve as an extended arm for product designers, engineers, manufacturers and fabricators to help them visualize, optimize and develop products in the most impeccable manner.

We extend product design and development support through 3d modeling expertise leveraged by the latest tools and technologies for construction, aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, heavy engineering, healthcare and education sector.

Specialists in 3D modeling services:

The use of 3d modeling for buildings and processing plants is rapidly growing. Our 3D modeling service is very helpful for those individuals, companies and industries that are looking for good product design in this competitive marketplace. We use a wide range of traditional and modern manufacturing support techniques that creates precised and functional prototypes which are helpful in the design process.

Our design engineers team offers high-quality CAD design, drafting, 3d modeling services and can turn your 2d sketches or marked up drawings into 3d models which can be prepared for 3d printing.

Our expertise in converting your design ideas and 2d drafts into 3d representations, assist in getting design approvals, design optimization, in bringing product to market on time, and therefore affect the bottom line.

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