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Fire Protection Equipment Design Services

CAD Outsourcing Services provide engineering design support to design, manufacture and install efficient and safe fire protection equipment and systems meant to safeguard occupants and building facilities under hazardous events.

Our design engineers, CAD professionals and CAE experts integrate their expertise to support manufacturers of fire extinguisher cabinets, sprinkler systems, valves and access panels, and enable them to take informed design decisions right from concept development through final production.

Through accurate 2D manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and 3D CAD models, we bring down manufacturing lead times while reducing the possibilities of errors and rework. Our teams also support recovering design information of obsolete components in fire protection systems through our expertise in reverse engineering.

Our fire protection equipment design services include:

At CAD Outsourcing Services, we have gained 10+ years of experience in delivering engineering design support services to clients globally. Our teams follow strict national safety standards like NFPA, while developing design information for critical safety equipment and systems and hence enable the manufacturer to develop products that adhere to standard compliances.

We primarily make use of solid modeling tools like SOLIDWORKS, Creo, Inventor, SolidEdge and AutoCAD for drafting and modeling requirements. Our expertise also lies in performing virtual testing through FEA and CFD tools like ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Fluent and OpenFOAM.

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