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Client Profile

The Client: To develop 3D model and detail drawings for casting components

Industry: Heavy Engineering


The Solution

Comprehensive digital design solution was provided to the client with 3D models and detailed manufacturing drawings for casting components with accurate information on dimensions and tolerances.

3D modeling & Detail Drawing Development for Casting Components

CAD Outsourcing Services partnered with a leading casting component manufacturer to provide digital design solutions as per their required standards of dimensioning and manufacturing needs.


Engineering Solution

Based on the inputs received from the clients in terms of sketches and PDF drawings, the casting components were re-designed using CAD tools, with appropriate dimensioning and tolerance details. 3D models of the components were developed along with detailed manufacturing drawings considering the requirements of the production team.


Transform designs & improve collaboration

As your trusted CAD outsourcing partner, we believe in adding value to your existing design capabilities and in turn bring more productivity and profitability for your business.

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