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Client Profile

The Client: A leading architect collaborating with several well-established design firms across the USA.

Industry: Entertainment

Location: Los Angeles, USA

3Ds Max
3D Rendering of Night Club in USA
3D Rendering of Night Club in USA

The Challenge

The client needed a 3D model of a night club to be rendered photo-realistically. The floor and walls needed to have reflective surfaces, and the rendering needed to accurately represent how the club would appear, in a real-life setting, at night.

The Solution

With just a 3D CAD Model for reference, the visualization team, in 2 working days, created life-like interiors for the different sections of the night club. The renders included lighting and appropriate texturing, without glare, for the reflective surfaces of the walls and the floor.

Business Benefits

The client was able to secure quicker approval of the club design based on the 3D rendering, which enabled the end-client to visualize how the property would actually look like. Additionally, the client also saved substantially on cost overheads he would have incurred for an in-house team.

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