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Hi-Tech House, Nr. Gurukul Tower,
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Gujarat, INDIA

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Client Profile

The Objective: A leading architectural design firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a design portfolio spanning the USA.

Industry: Infrastructural Construction

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2D Architectural Services
2D Architectural Services

The Challenge

The firm required accurate area calculations and store plans inclusive of sales areas, cash counters, trial rooms, and passage areas for two floors of a multistorey commercial complex. What started as a two-floor area calculation and store plan drafting assignment, turned into a full scale 2D to BIM conversion for the entire 4 storey building along with the primary requirements of area calculations and store plans. The nature of the project now demanded quick scaling up of the team of professionals involved, while also needing the team to adhere to strict timelines.

The Solution

A team of 6 draftsmen worked shifts to make sure that the difference between the time zones did not hamper the project’s progress. Using a standard process of three levels of quality checks, the team ensured that the client received accurately drawn floor plans and area calculations along with a BIM model.

Business Benefits

The client could complete the project in the preset time limits as they were ably supported by a sound project execution team.

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